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Decisions Makers and Experts – Meet the guests of the Warsaw Kids Film Forum

The list of guests that will be joining us at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum is available on our website. Almost 50 European Experts and Decision Makers (alongside with more than 200 registered participants) will take part in the three day event (27-29.09) including representatives of: film institutes, film funds, national broadcasters, industry events, festivals as well as sales agents and distributors.

Warsaw Kids Film forum will have the pleasure of hosting important and well-known guests from European film institutes including: Magdalena Sroka the Director of the Polish Film Institute, Signe Zeilich-Jensen, Film Commissioner Children’s and Family Film in the Netherlands Film Fund, one of most active film funds in Europe supporting productions for young audiences, as well as Boban Jevtic the Director of the Film Center Serbia.

Also joining us at the event will be sales agents and representatives from distribution companies including: Bettina Birk, sales agent at Global Screen GmbH; Jan Naszewski the Director of New Europe Film Sales; Martin Palan, the Head of the Czech distribution company Bontonfilm a.s.; Marko Pekić Managing Director of the Croatian distributor RADAR; Solveig Langeland the Head of Sola Media; Wenka von Miculicz representing the Germany’s DCM Pictures GmbH, as well as Robert Kijak from Next Film.

Representatives from national broadcasters that will be joining us include: Vicky Schroderus managing director of sales for YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company, representing German Television: Sandra Le Blanc-Marissal, Deputy head of department of Children&Youth at Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR as well as Julia Jaensch Manager Acquisitions & Co-Productions at WDR Mediagroup. Czech and Slovak broadcasters will represented by: Michaela Sabolčáková Programme Editor & Buyer at Slovak broadcaster RTVS as well as Jan Maxa Head of Content Development for Czech Television. Polish broadcasters in attendance will include: Maciej Chmiel Deputy Director of Trade and International Co-operation Bureau, International Co-operations and Formats Division at Polish Television S.A., Marta Szwakopf  Thematic Channels and Ad Sales Director at NC+, Anna Waśniewska-Gill Head of Feature Film Team at TVN as well as Anna Zielińska, Director for MiniMini+ and teleTOON+ at ITI NEOVISION S. A.

Representatives will also attend the Forum from production companies, film festivals and industry events that specialise in cinema for young audiences. Among them will be Aleksandra Kułakowska from the production company TFP who created the successful „Behind the Blue Door” as well as Nienke Poelsma the head of Cinekid for Professionals in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s largest industry events dedicated to productions for children.

More information about the Experts, Decision Makers and guests invited to the Warsaw Kids Film Forum can be found HERE.

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