Format: Live Action / Full-length
Genre: Adventure
Country of Production: Latvia
Target Audience: Children 4-12, Teenagers
Production Company: Locomotive Productions
Producer: Roberts Vinovskis, Evelin Penttila
Scriptwriter: Lote Eglīte
Director: Jaak Kilmi
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding / Co-producer/ Distrubutor/ Sales Agent

on producer:
Roberts Vinovskis

A member of the European Film Academy, Latvian Filmmakers’ Union and the Latvian Association of Film Producers, Roberts is one of the most active and experienced producers in Latvia. Up to this day he has produced and co-produced more than twenty films – a number of feature films (five productions by STUDIJA LOKOMOTIVE and four co-productions), as well as several documentaries and animations, both feature and shorts. At the moment few co-production feature films (“MOTHERLAND” and “INVISIBLE”) are in post-production stage as well as a feature animation (“The Marriage Project”) to be finished by the 1000th anniversary of the Republic of Latvian in the end of 2018. In 2016, Roberts was selected by European Film Promotion (EFP) as one of 20 emerging producers for the 17th edition of the high-profile networking platform – Producers on the Move at Cannes Film Festival.

on associate producer:
Dominiks Jarmakovics

Dominik represents the new generation of young professionals of Audiovisual arts in Latvia. With a background in “Below the Line” marketing and merchandisment with brands like Microsoft, LMT and others, he has acquired the right set of skills to promote and carry out most complicated projects. This is his fourth film project in studio “Locomotive Productions”.uction in 2007 she already received her first acknowledgment and was awarded for the best script. Year 2017 was marked with a National Film Award.


on writer:
Lote Eglīte

Lote Eglīte has a broad background of screen-writing for short films, full length feature films, documentaries and even animations. With her first short film and first collaboration with Locomotive Production in 2007 she already received her first acknowledgment and was awarded for the best script. Year 2017 was marked with a National Film Award.



on director:
Jaak Kilmi

Jaak Kilmi started his work as director from early years. He has achieved great acknowledgment with his work on documentaries as director, writer and producer. Amongst them are Best Documentary, Warsaw International Film Festival, FIPRESCI award and Jury\’s special mention at Tallinn Black Night\’s Film Festival, Jury\’s special Award in Moscow IFF.