The Girls Who Ride Dragon


Format: Documentary
Genre: Family
Country of Production: Germany
Target Audience: Family/ Children 7-11/ Teenagers
Producer: Peyman Ghalambor
Scriptwriter: Peyman Ghalambor
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Co-producer/ Funding/ TV Broadcaster

In exchange with The Financing Forum For Kids Content

on producer, director, scriptwriter:
Peyman Ghalambor

Peyman Ghalambor is born in Teheran, Iran. In 1983 he fled with his family to the Soviet Union. He lived in Baku, Moscow an Ivanovo – where he visited the international boarding school Interdom. Together with his mother and sister he emigrated in 1990 to Cologne, Germany. Between 2003-2010 he studied philosophy, ancient history and Japanese studies and completed in 2017 his bachelor´s study of directing at the Filmuniversity Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.