Format: Animated/ TV series
Genre: Education
Country of Production: Slovenia/ Portugal/ France / Croatia
Target Audience: Children 7-9
Production Company: Institute for Transmedia Design/ Sparkle Animation/ Small Bang
Producer: Sara Bozanic, Petra Bertalanic
Scriptwriter: Jasmina Kallay
Director: Sara Bozanic, Jasmina Kallay
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Co-producer/ TV broadcaster


on producer:
Sara Bozanic

Sara Bozanic (Transmedia Director/Producer) and  Petra Bertalanic (Transmedia Producer), focus on story and technology driven innovations. We are the co-authors of the Twisted Tales, first Slovenian animated project in development to receive support from Creative Europe MEDIA.




on producer:
Petra Bertalanič

Petra Bertalanič is a linguist. Since 2014, she plays the role of transmedia producer at the Institute for Transmedia Design, communicating across mediums and cultures and thus building bridges between them. Petra likes prototyping and creating stories that weave traditional ways of delivering narrative experiences with the latest in technology.