Format: Animation / Full-length
Genre: Family
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Children 4-6
Production Company: Grupa Smacznego/ G-S Animation
Producer: Robert Jaszczurowski, Anna Głowik
Scriptwriter: Szymon Jachimek, Zofia Stanecka
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Co-producer / Funding / Sales Agent / TV station

Project took part in Kids Film.Pro a script development workshop

on producer:
Anna Głowik

In 2014 Anna graduated from The Polish National Film School in Lodz. For a year she worked at CARTOON, organising international markets for animation professionals. In 2015 she joined GS Animation where she worked for 3 years as production manager. She currently works as head of production at LETKO, Warsaw based animation studio, specialising in 2D animation and international co-productions.


on scriptwriter:
Szymon Jachimek

scriptwriter, playwriter, actor, comedian. Author of theater plays, as well as scripts for children TV series, such as Mami Fatale and Basia. He cooperated with Limo cabaret, theater group Muflasz, theater group Pracownia Prowincja and Wybrzeżak theater in Gdansk, Poland. Co-founder and member of the theater and cabaret improvisations group W Gorącej Wodzie Kompani.