Format: Live Action / Full-length
Genre: Family/Drama
Country of Production: Netherlands
Target Audience: Children 7-12
Production Company: Keplerfilm
Producer: Derk-Jan Warrink, Koji Nelissen
Scriptwriter: Lotte Tabbers
Director: Maurice Trouwborst
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding / Co-producer/Sales Agent

on director:
Maurice Trouwborst

Maurice Trouwborst graduated in 2006 at the Utrecht School of Arts. He directed several short 6lms including URFELD and the viral A MERRY HUNT. He directed a documentary series about the Black Cross for the VPRO. In 2015 he directed the TV movie DAMES4 (VARA) and in 2017 he directed the TV serie ZENITH (VPRO) which won the Cinekid Best TV Award.



on producer:
Derk-Jan Warrink

Derk-Jan Warrink graduated as a producer in 2009 at the Netherlands Film Academy. He started working as a producer at Lemming Film, where he produced a number of (co-) productions such as THE LOBSTER, BLIND, BOY 7, and MONOS. In 2016 Derk-Jan founded production company Kepler6lm together with producer Koji Nelissen.



on writer:
Lotte Tabbers

Lotte Tabbers graduated in 2006. Her 6rst feature 6lm Patatje Oorlog, (Nicole van Kilsdonk), opened for the CineKid festival in 2011 and won best feature 6lm and selected for the Berlinale generation program. In 2015 she wrote the feature 6lm De Boskampi’s (Arne Toonen), selected at Sundance Kids. Lotte wrote the TV-serie ZENITH.



on producer:
Koji Nelissen

Graduated in 2005 from the Dutch Film Academy Koji (co)produced amongst the many shorts and feature films the Oscar nominated BULLHEAD (director Michael Roskamp), QUALITY TIME (director Daan Bakker), BOSKAMPI’S (director Arne Toonen). In 2016 together with Derk-Jan Warrink he started Keplerfilm. Koji completed EAVE program in 2010 and is member of the ACE Producers network.