Format: Animation / Full-length
Genre: Family/Adventure/ Musical/ Fantasy
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Children 7-12
Production Company: Mizar Films
Producer: Natalia Łodygowska
Scriptwriter: Martyna Wojcieszek
Looking for at WKFF: Funding/ Co-producer/ Distribution/ TV broadcaster

on producer:
Natalia Łodygowska

Producer in Mizar Films company. She’s preparing her own projects “How to Tame a Monster?”,“The Monster” and “Peek-a-boo!”. She studies Film and TV Production Organization at the University of Silesia. She’s finished the courses: Creative Development at Wajda School, and Film Production at AMA Film Academy in Krakow.



on scriptwriter:
Martyna Wojcieszek

The student of Screenwriting (Polish Filmschool in Łódź). Working at sci-fi series “The incident” under the custody of Maciej Kubicki. Working with the producer Natalia Łodygowska at two full-length movies for the young audience – ‘How to tame the monster?’ and ‘Fantasylum’ which get financing for writing the screenplay from Polish Film Institute.