Format: Live-action/ Full-length

Genre: Family/Adventure
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Children 10-12/ Teenagers
Production Company: TFP Sp. z o.o.
Producer: Wojciech Stuchlik, Adam Korpak
Scriptwriter: Magdalena Nieć, Katarzyna Stachowicz Gacek
Looking for at WKFF: Sales Agent


on producer:
Wojciech Stuchlik

Producer and executive producer. The owner of the FILM PRODUCTION company. He is a producer of feature films directed by Shaun Troke “Sparrow” and Mariusz Kuczewski “Silent Lake” and executive producer of feature films directed by Mariusz Palej “Behind the Blue Door” and Grzegorz Jonkajtys “Miś Uszatek”. He is engaged in producing a TV series for Telewizja Polsat.



on producer:
Adam Korpak
Master of Arts in Finance, graduated from Aberdeen University. Adam has decided to apply his knowledge and experiance gained in investment banking and project management into film production, his life passion. Adam is currently analysing, developing and coordinating film projects in Platige Image.




on scriptwriter:
Mariusz Palej

Mariusz Palej is a film director and cinematographer. Primarily a documentary cinematographer for many years, he later on began working in feature films and TV theatre.  His début as a feature film director, „Behind the Blue Door”, a film for children and family audiences, was awarded at film festivals. He is currently working on „The Black Mill”.