Pitching in development

Format: Live-action TV series
Genre: Comedy/ Fantasy/ Science Fiction/ Other
Duration: 15 min
Number of Episodes: 10
Country of Production: Denmark
Target Audience: Children 4-6, Children 7-9
Production Company: GotFat Productions
Producer: Puk Eisenhardt
Scriptwriter: Ulrik Nykjær Jeppesen, Emma Le Marc
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding/ Distribution/ Sales Agent/ TV station
Estimated budget: 550 000 EUR
Confirmed budget: 0

Dr. Donnerwetter – a specialist in Extremely rare and Incredibly silly diseases.


on producer:
Puk Eisenhardt


Puk Lodahl Eisenhardt is a Danish producer who graduated from Multiplatform Storytelling and Production in Denmark with specialty in producing and production management. Furthermore she has supplementary training in European Co-Production.She has been an associate producer on several documentary films such as ‘Stay Behind’ and ‘Doel’ which have been screened worldwide.




on scriptwriter:
Ulrik Nykjær Jeppesen

Ulrik Nykjær Jeppesen graduated from the national Danish theatre school as an actor in 2014 where he went straight to medical afterwards. His understanding for both dramaturgy and medical science makes him the perfect match for Dr. Donnerwetter.






on scriptwriter:
Emma Le Marc

Emma Le Marc is a trained scriptwriter from UCLAs Screenwriting MFA. She has worked on several tv-shows since.