Pitching in development

Format: Live-action film
Genre: Family/ Horror/ Adventure
Duration: 90 min
Country of Production: Norway
Target Audience: Children 9-12
Production Company: Helmet Films & Visual Effects
Producer: Line Klungseth Johansen
Scriptwriter: Arild Tryggestad
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum:
Estimated Budget: 2 400 000 EUR
Confirmed Financing: 100 000 EUR

Grimsby – Twin Peaks for children.


on producer:
Line Klungseth Johansen

Line Klungseth Johansen has master’s degree in film studies, and works as a producer at Helmet Films & Visual Effects, running the Trondheim-based production company together with directors Alexander Somma and Øystein Moe. Line has directed and produced several short films and music videos shown at numerous festivals worldwide.





on scriptwriter:
Arild Tryggestad

Arild Tryggestad graduated from the Norwegian Film School as an editor, and has since worked as a scriptwriter and editor. Arild has written a couple of short films, amongst these: Gutta Boys (2000) directed by Roar Uthaug, and Iver (2004) directed by Christian Lo, and been a screenwriter on the features, The Tough Guys (2013) (co-writer) and Los Bando (2018).