Work in progress

Format: Live-action film
Genre: Family/ Adventure/ Crime
Country of Production: Poland
Duration: 80 min
Target Audience: Children 7-9 Children 10-12
Production Company: Koi Studio
Producer: Agnieszka Dziedzic
Scriptwriter: Marta Karwowska
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding/ Distribution/ Sales Agent/ TV station
Estimated Budget: 1 075 300 EUR
Confirmed Financing: 967 770 EUR

For Julka Strzałkowska start the best holiday in her thirteen years of life.

on producer:
Agnieszka Dziedzic

Founder and co-owner of a production company Koi Studio. In 2015 granted the award for the Best Polish Producer Debut by Polish Film Institute and Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber for the film Little Crushes. Her latest films include the German coproduction Whatever Happen Next which premiered in Berlinale in 2018 and an adventure drama for kids Double Trouble.




on director and scriptwriter:
Marta Karwowska

director, screenwriter and sociologist, a graduate of the Łódź Film School. Her feature debut, adventure drama for kids entitled Double Trouble was a box office success in Poland with over 320 000 tickets sold. International premier of the film was held at TIFF kids and the film has been screen on many international festivals since then. She is currently working on a Double Trouble sequel.