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Format: Animated TV series
Genre: Comedy/ Drama/ Adventure/ Science Fiction/ Crime
Duration: 11 min
Number of  Episodes: 13
Country of Production: Finland
Target Audience: Teenagers
Production Company: Fiilin Good Films Oy
Coprodaction Company: Mago Production
Producer: Juha Fiilin
Scriptwriter: Adam Cullen, Giles Brody
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding/ Distribution/ Sales Agent/ TV station
Estimated Budget: 2 100 000 EUR
Confirmed Financing: 1 235 000 EUR

Joy Eternal, a Divine Consultants story is battle between good and evil in a privatised afterlife.


on producer:
Juha Fiilin

Juha Fiilin is the creative lead of Fiilin Good Films. He is a winning multidisciplinary artist with 20 years’ experience in film, TV and online projects in 10 countries.
Fiilin Good Films focuses on the creation and development of original concepts into transmedia properties. The company’s strength lies in concept and visual development, writing and production.




on scriptwriter:
Adam Cullen

Adam Cullen is a competition-winning Irish composer & writer. He is active as a composer for media and live ensembles. His work has been performed in Ireland, Germany, and the United States and his soundtracks for short films have travelled extensively. He was awarded the North Kildare Film Commission to write, produce, direct, and compose.





on scriptwriter:
Giles Brody

Giles Brody is a comedian and writer from Galway based in Dublin. He has been the head writer for a number of productions in Dublin and Galway. Giles is equally adept at developing other people’s ideas and working as part as a team to achieve high quality results in a positive work atmosphere.