Format: Live-action/ full-length
Genre: Family/Adventure
Country of Production: Czech Republic
Target Audience: Children 7-12
Production Company:
Producer: Peter Badač
Scriptwriter: Kateřina Kačerovská
Director: Petr Oukropec
Looking for at WKFF: Funding/ Co-producer, Distribution, Sales Agent, TV broadcaster

on producer and scriptwriter:
Peter Badač

Peter Badač is graduate from VŠMU in Bratislava and FAMU in Prague. Now he is a producer in his own production company BFILM that is based in Bratislava and Prague. He has produced several shorts. In 2017 two of his films were released: \’Filthy\’ directed by Tereza Nvotova at IFF Rotterdam and \’Freedom\’ directed by Jan Speckenbach at IFF Locarno.



on scriptwriter:
Kateřina Kačerovská

Kateřina Kačerovská is Czech screenwriter and story editor. She graduated Philosophical Faculty of Charles\’ University and FAMU in Prague. Now she is working for Czech Television as a commissioning editor for animation and education programmes for kids. \’Martin and the Forest Secret\’ is her first script.



on director:
Petr Oukropec

Petr Oukropec is Czech director and producer. In 2012 he made his first film as a director. “Blue Tiger”, children film for kids 6-10, was screened at dozens film festivals and won several awards. “In Your Dreams!” his second film, was premiered at Berlinale Generation 14+ in 2016. \’Martin and the Forest Secret\’ will be his third film.