Pitching in development

Format: Animated Film
Genre: Family/ Adventure
Duration: 80 min
Country of Production: Denmark
Target Audience: Children 7-9, Children 10-12, Teenagers
Production Company:  GotFat Productions
Coproduction Company: JA Film
Producer: Thor Hampus Bank, Anders Berthelsen
Scriptwriter: Anita Doron
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding/ Co-producer/ Other
Estimated Budget: 3 500 000 EUR
Confirmed Financing: 15 000 EUR

Two water drops on an adventure across the Atlantic to save the planet.


on producer:
Thor Hampus Bank

Thor Hampus Bank is partner and producer at GotFat Productions in Aarhus, Denmark. After graduating with a masters in Media Science and Economy at Aarhus University his path quickly turned to producing films. He is a part of a team of 4 young yet experienced producers working at GotFat Productions.






on scriptwriter:
Anita Doron

Anita Doron’s latest script was The Breadwinner which was nominated for Best Animation Feature in the Oscars 2018, an Annie Award for best screenplay and a Canadian Screen Award for best adapted screenplay. Anita Doron was born in the former USSR but later fled to Canada where she attended Ryerson University studying film- making and scriptwriting.