Work in progress

Format: Animated TV series
Genre: Family
Duration: 26 min
Number of Episodes: 5

Country of Production: France
Target Audience: Children 10-14
Production Company: Un film a’la patte
Producer: Nadine Pellet-Zwick, Laure Bernard
Scriptwriter: Anne lise Rey, Brigitte Barbier
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: European broadcaster/ Coproducer 
Estimated Budget: 238 705 EUR
Confirmed Financing: 136 205 EUR

Philomena wants to make young people aged 10 to 14 want to understand that their daily lives are a philosophical experience in their own right, a path for understanding the world and finding one’s place in it.


on producer:
Nadine Pellet-Zwick

After studying English literature and civilization and modern French literature, she began her career in television in 1991 with Alex Taylor and his daily European cultural magazine “Continentales” on the channel France 3. Three years later, she decided to join ARTE, the new baby of the Franco-German audiovisual landscape where she was in charge of the French versions of the magazine Confetti.

In 1996, she joined the documentary department as a commissioning editor in charge of the society slot. In 2013, she was happy to participate in the adventure of creating a new slot for young audiences. Since then, she has been responsible for the slot devoted to youth programs. Science, history, discovery, society and the arts are among the themes developed in Arte Junior and designed to arouse the curiosity of teenagers aged 10 to 14… as well as their families.


on producer:
Laure Bernard

For more than 25 years, Laure Bernard produces documentaries focused on the fields of society, culture and science for France Télévisions, ARTE and broadcasted internationally. She is interested for several years in youth programs. In 2015 she produced successfully a documentary collection for ARTE Junior (5 x 26min) Let’s talk about religion! and pursues this collaboration with the project Philomena. She’s also developing a new youth animated series Wakata centered on the question of the defense of the animal cause.



on scriptwriter:
Anne lise Rey

Anne-Lise Rey is a professor in philosophy of sciences and a qualified philosophy teacher. Expert in the Classic Age and the era of Enlightenment, she works on Leibniz, Newton, the French and german Enlightenment philosophers, and the women philosophers. She leads the collection Notebook of sciences history and philosophy published by Hermann Editions. She’s a member of the Editoral board of the Review of science History and the review Metodhos. Her credo: initiate the young public to the philosophical thought by transmitting them the main philosophical concepts.




on scriptwriter:
Brigitte Barbier

Before becoming a documentary director, Brigitte Barbier was a director of photography’s assistant in cinema. She is behind the image, the editing and the directing of  L’eau sèche (52mn) a portrait of the artist Jean-Olivier Hucleux. She then directed Sur les Chemins du Dio vi salvi Regina a corsian song which became the national hymn (52min/France 3) and Etre lu, c’est être vu (26 min/ France for the series A vous de voir). She wrote and published in 2014 là où tu es Je ne suis pas published by l’Harmattan a quest to talk “differently” about the death, this death that affects us, and affects her… that she then first adapted in a documentary Memento mori (52mn / KTO), and after again in a multidisciplinary associating dancing and video projection. She teaches the cinematrographic langage in the CLCF – Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français – supervises students from la Femis (French cinema school) on their film sets and she also teaches in college classes.