Pitching in development

Format: Animated film
Duration: 75 min
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Children 7-9, Children 10-12
Production Company: Letko sp. z o.o.
Producer: Jakub Karwowski
Scriptwriter: Piotr Szczepanowicz, Małgorzata Więckowicz-Żyła, Małgorzata Giec
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding/ Co-producer/ Distribution/ Sales Agent
Estimated Budget: 120 0000 EUR
Confirmed Financing: o EUR

Childhood is fun, growing up is an journey.


on producer:
Jakub Karwowski

CEO and co-founder of the 2D animation studio LETKO. Responsible for developing, financing and managing the production of animation projects such as shorts, series and feature films. Builds a team of creative animators, visionary film directors and experienced compositing artists. Additionally: artist, photographer and academic lecturer.





on scriptwriter:
Piotr Szczepanowicz

Director, screenwriter and a producer of animated films. He worked cooperating during many animated film projects such as Peter and the Wolf, The lost town of Świteź, The Magic Piano or Zienegort. In years 2014-2016 he worked in the Polish Film Institute as an expert. He is a co-creator an author of the series such as Toru SuperFox, Sol & Liv and Odo.





on scriptwriter:
Małgorzata Więckowicz-Żyła

Małgorzata Więckowicz-Żyła is a scriptwriter of animated films. She is a graduate of the Poznań University of Arts and the University of Opole. Winner of the Podziel się sztuką! screenplay contest, organised by the Zachęta National Art Gallery in 2012. Working together with Piotr Szczepanowicz they wrote the screenplays for the full feature animated films like Moomins and the Winter Wonderland, which premiered in December 2017, and TV series such as Toru The Superfox and Mamoko.




on scriptwriter:
Małgorzata Giec

Screenwriter and sociologist, a graduate of the Łódź Film School. Scholar of the Fund for Promoting Creativity and laureate of the Script Fiesta 2019 for her script of a short movie Queens. Currently working on three tv series for polish television and developing her own projects.