Format: Documentary/Full-lenght
Genre: Family/Adventure/Fantasy
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Children 7-9
Production Company: Haka Films
Producer: Tomasz Morawski
Scriptwriter: Sylwia Rosak
Director: Sylwia Rosak
Looking for at WKFF: Funding, Co-producer, Distribution, Sales Agent, TV broadcaster

on producer:
Tomasz Morawski

Tomasz Morawski – executive producer (Double Trouble, dir. M.Karwowska, producer: KOI Studio) , production manager (Krew Boga dir. B. Konopka, producer: Otter Films) and producer (Boylesque, documentary dir. B.Kowalczyk). In 2017 he founded HAKA FILMS- company specialising in providing production services and expertise.



on screenwriter:
Sylwia Rosak

A student of the Direction Department at the School of Radio and Television in Katowice, Poland. She gained experienceby working with Bartosz Konopka and Aneta Kopacz, among others. In her art she mainly focuses on the inner world that her characters build for themselves. By presenting them in an interesting form she creates auteur cinema.