Format: Live-action/ Full-length
Genre: Family/Drama/ Fantasy
Country of Production: Ukraine
Target Audience: Children 10-12, Teenagers
Production Company: Pronto Film
Producer: Kateryna Kopylova/ Maxim Asadchiy
Scriptwriter: Serhii Kastornykh
Director: Sasha Kirienko
Looking for at WKFF: Funding/Co-producer/ Sales Agent

on producer:
Kateryna Kopylova

Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency 2010-2014. One of the key figures in the launching the new wave of Ukrainian cinema, Kateryna served as a head of State Film Fund for 4 years, after 2 years as an executive producer of Novy TV Channel. At the moment, Kateryna is finishing post-production of her first family feature, FOXTER & MAX.



 on screenwriter:
 Serhii Kastornykh

After working as comedy projects screenwriter on Ukrainian TV channels, Serhii pursued a career of a feature film screenwriter and became the proved author of commercial genre films. His film \”#Selfieparty\” directed by Lyubomir Levitsky became a success in a box office and on TV.




on development producer:
Sashko Chubko

Sashko works at Pronto Film as development and distribution producer. Sashko looks for co-producers and sales for Pronto projects, as well as for international projects with potential of shooting and co-financing in Ukraine.




on producer:
Maxim Asadchiy

Owner of Pronto Film, Maxim has been producer at over 30 films and series. Co-founder of Film Industry Association of Ukraine. Maxim’s films have been shown on festivals in Rotterdam, Warsaw, Shanghai, São Paulo, Chicago, Palm Springs, Moscow, Beijing, Leipzig, and have won various international prizes. Two of his films became Ukrainian Oscar submissions.