Format: Animation/ Full-length
Genre: Comedy/Family/Adventure/ Fantasy
Country of Production: Czech Republic
Target Audience: Children 7-9
Production Company: Bionaut/Kosmonaut
Producer: Vratislav Slajer/Jan Komasa
Scriptwriter: Tomas Koncinsky
Director: Martin Duda
Looking for at WKFF: Funding/ Co-producer/Distribution/ Sales Agent/ TV broadcaster

on producer:
Vratislav Slajer

Vratislav Slajer founded Bionaut in 1999. Member of the EFA, ČFTA, Producer on the Move 2002, chairman of Czech Producers Association. Winner of the Czech Lion and Czech Film Critics\’ Award for the film Walking Too Fast and a Czech Lion for the series Mammon (HBO) and Shadow of the Ferns (Czech TV).



on producer:
Jan Komasa

Jan Komasa is one of the most respected and successful young film directors in Poland. He graduated from the National Film School in Lódź. His 2014 feature film Warsaw 44 was one of the biggest Polish box office hits of the decade. He has just completed a major Polish TV series Ultraviolet for AXN/Sony bought by Netflix for worldwide streaming.



on screenwriter:
Tomas Koncinsky

Tomas Koncinsky has worked for a Czech childrens channel CT:D for the last six years as a scriptwriter, with targeting TV shows for it young audience (Cernobilo, Tam tam, etc). His script Schmitke was nominated for the best screenplay, Czech Film and Television Academy award. He is winner of Magnesia Litera Award for children\’s book Typo&Skim



on director:
Martin Duda

Martin Duda is interested in sci-fi, special effects and animation since childhood. His graduate film, I am bigger and better, was nominated for a Students’ Oscar in 2008. He is director of animated short films Contact (2003), VR (2005), I am Bigger and Better (2007) and Rosa & Dara and Their Great Holiday Adventure (2015).



on producer:
Ludka Kierczak

Junior producer at Kosmonaut. She graduated from Film and TV Production Organization at PWSFTViT in Łódź and Script programme in Wajda School. She gained experience in production crews working on feature films, short films, music videos and commercials. In 2017 she took part in Accelerator for Young Enterpreneurs of the AV Sector organized by Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce.