Format: Live-action Tv-series
Genre: Drama/Crime
Country of Production: Germany
Target Audience: Teenagers
Production Company: ANDERTHALB Medienproduktion
Producer: Matthias Bazyli
Scriptwriter: Rike Lehmann/Christina M. Schollerer
Looking for at WKFF: Funding, TV broadcaster

on producer:
Matthias Bazyli

Matthias worked many years as a freelance cameraman (for clients such as ZDF, MDR, KIKA). In 2013 he founded the ANDERTHALB Medienproduktion GmbH focusing on kids entertainment and comedy.




on screenwriter:
Rike Lehmann

Rike is a writer/director specializing in TV for children and young adults. Her bachelor’s in European media studies and a master’s degree directing educational and scientific film make up the foundation of her multifaceted professional
education. Her work has earned her e.g. 4 nominations for the German Kids’ Media Festival \”Goldener Spatz\”.


on screenwriter:
Christina Maria Schollerer

Christina M. Schollerer is a freelance writer who teaches content development and storytelling at the FH Potsdam. She researches and develops stories of all types, both digital and analog—from traditional storybooks (Peggy Diggledey) to transmedia promotions for best-selling novels (Sebastian Fitzek’s Flugangst 7A), to the widely successful online class “The Future of Storytelling”.