Format: Animation/ Full- length
Genre: Family/ Adventure/ Fantasy
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Children 6-10
Scriptwriter: Karolina Niegowska
Director: Nicolás Reza Garduño Vázquez

on screenwriter:
Karolina Niegowska

Karolina Niegowska, 25 years old, born in Łódź, grew up in Warsaw, Poland. She started from studying Veterinary Medicine, then got accepted into Łódź FIlmschool for Screenwriting. Currently finishing both faculties. From a young age, she interests in literature, writing stories and poems. Also an animal lover and languages passionate.



on director:
Nicolás Reza Garduño Vázquez

Nicolás Reza Garduño Vázquez, born and raised in Mexico, 22. He has lived in a few different countries, including Poland where he currently lives in order to study Film and Television Direction in Lodz Film School. He won a National Geographic photo contest once. He enjoys playing and writing music, reading (especially children books) and climbing.