Format: Animated TV series
Genre: Adventure
Country of Production: Czech Republic
Target Audience: Children 4-6
Production Company: k-pictures
Producer: Gabriela Kostal Duchonova/ Jakub Kostal
Scriptwriter: Stepanka Souckova
Director: Jakub Kouril
Looking for at WKFF: Funding, Co-producer, Distribution, TV broadcaster


on producer:
Gabriela Kostal Duchonova

After graduating from Film Studies she decided to explore the world behind the screen. She’s been studying FAMU (Film Academy in Prague) and making a living as a production manager mainly. She’s been working in production company k-pictures where she’s been developing two feature live action films and two series including The Little Cousteau. She fell in love with its story and persuade his director to make it great.



on screenwriter:
Stepanka Souckova

Screenwriter and writer based in Prague. Currently majoring master\’s degree in screenwriting and script editing at FAMU Prague. Her short films and illustrated books focus on children\’s stories. Her bachelor\’s children\’s feature screenplay Space Girl was nominated for Best Unrealized Screenplay at FAMUFEST 2017.



on director:
Jakub Kouril

Director and visual artist based in Prague graduated from FAMU Prague and spent an internship at ENSAD, Paris.
His short film M.O. was awarded the Czech Lion and became a finalist for the Student Academy Awards in 2013. His
animated graduation film \”The Little Cousteau“ won awards at international film festivals and its idea is still alive.


on producer:
Jakub Košťál

After years spend working hard in Czech TV his heart now beats both for his own production company k-pictures and also for very successful Czech production company Bionaut. He has been dealing with both short and long films, serials, soundtracks and commercials. But he has never forgotten the good old festival iShorts, which he co-organizes. He would like to make movies fun and educational, and peace.