Format: Live-action/ Full-length
Genre: Adventure/Family
Country of Production: Israel
Target Audience: Children 7-12
Production Company: Dori Media Paran
Producer: Idit Paran
Scriptwriter: Amikam Kovner/ Daniel Kutz
Director: Ariel Benbaji
Looking for at WKFF: Funding/Co-producer

on producer:
Idit Paran

Dori Media Group is an international group of media companies, produces, distributes and broadcast TV and New Media. In 2013 the company established a Feature Films label in a spirit of quality meetscommercially viable content. The label is dedicated as well to children’s content, produced and released three box office success for children. Keren Michael is handling the developing and financing in Dori Media Paran. Her early credits includes nomination for Cannes with“Self Made”(2014), and “The Wanderer”(2010), Idit Paran is the head content editor of the company.


on screenwriter:
Amikam Kovner

Amikam Kovner is a Graduate of Tel Aviv University Film Department. His shorts “Scar”, “The Home Leave” and “Fatherland” were screened worldwide and won numerous awards. In 2014 his feature film “Haven” premiered at
Moscow IFF. His second film Echo is now in postproduction stage.