Pitching in development

Format: Living-action film
Genre: Family
Duration: 100 min
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Children 7-9, Children 10-12
Production Company: Pokromski Studio
Producer: Mikołaj Pokromski
Scriptwriter: Agnieszka Dąbrowska
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding/ Co-producer/ Distribution/ Sales Agent/ TV station
Estimated Budget: 1 240 000 EUR
Confirmed Financing: 80 000 EUR

A boy wants to compete in a tournament, but it seems his eccentric aunt will put paid to his hopes.


on producer:
Mikołaj Pokromski

CEO of Pokromski Studio, the company specializing in production services and European co-productions. Due to the international success of his documentaries (I love a Hooligan, Fuck For Forest) Mikołaj started also to produce full-length feature films (Winter daughter, Marie Curie). Member of Polish, German, and European Film Academy.





on scriptwriter:
Agnieszka Dąbrowska

Author of one published book, one staged play, several award-winning scripts and dramas, and one million copywriting with the experience of a sociotherapist, radio reporter and teacher. She graduated from Polish philology and psychology at the Jagiellonian University. Scholarship holder of the Polish Film Institute.