Format: Animated TV series
Genre: Comedy/Family
Country of Production: Ukraine
Target Audience: Children 4-6
Production Company: Media Resources Management
Producer: Egor Olesov
Scriptwriter: Anton Bazelinski
Director: Yevhen Yermak
Looking for at WKFF: Funding/Co-producer/ TV broadcaster

on producer:
Egor Olesov

Egor Olesov has more than 12-year of working experience in media. He is also a member of European Film Academy, Visual Effects Society, International Game Developer Association and Ukrainian Television Academy, Bridging the Dragon. Filmography (animation): 2012-2016 ‘Eskimo Girl’ (TV series); 2018 ‘The Stolen Princess’ (feature) and other.



on producer:
Oleksii Tolubko

Oleksii Tolubko, the executive director of animation studio Animagrad . He is stand at the beginning of the creation of the studio and was engaged in the production of all studio projects. Has 10-year of working experience in media.