Pitching in development

Format: Animated film
Genre: Family, Historical
Duration: 90 min
Country of Production: Italy
Country of Coproduction: Poland
Target Audience: Children 7-9, Children 10-12, Teenagers
Production Company: AMARCORD S.R.L.
Coproduction Company: LAB FILM
Producer: Cinzia Bomoll, Mauro Bartoli, Laura Andina
Scriptwriter: Cinzia Bomoll, Mauro Bartoli
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding/ Distribution/ Sales Agent/ TV station/ Other
Estimated Budget: 1 200 000 EUR
Confirmed Financing: 10 000 EUR

I travelled very far and I fought for freedom.This is my story. I am Wojtek, the soldier bear.


on producer and scriptwriter:
Cinzia Bomoll

Director and writer Cinzia Bomoll worked with RAI, Mediaset and La7 channel. In 2016 she founded Amarcord Films. She directed and produced: Il segreto di Rahil (2007), Balla con noi (2011), Tre quartine e un addio (2018), Inside Motorvalley (2017), Linfa (2018), Emilia paranoica (2013) and short films. www.amarcordfilm.com. Mauro Bartoli: www.labfilm.it





on producer:
Laura Andina

Strong of valuable experiences in coproduction, finance, public relations, marketing in Italy and abroad, Laura Andina, development executive, has identified and secured partnerships and deals, and has been actively involved in the sourcing, selecting, packaging, project managing and financing of feature films and documentaries.