Format: Live-action/ full-lenght
Genre: Comedy/Family/Historical/Adventure/ Fantasy
Country of Production: Croatia
Target Audience: Children 10-12
Production Company: Nukleus film/ Jaako Dobra Produkcija
Producer: Sinisa Juricic/ Matija Drnikovic
Scriptwriter: Vanja Obad
Director: Petar Oreskovic
Looking for at WKFF: Funding/Co-producer/Distribution/ Sales Agent/ TV broadcaster

on producer:
Siniša Juričić

Siniša Juričić founded Nukleus Film Croatia, Nukleus Film Slovenia and Jaako dobra produkcija. During the war in former Yugoslavia he served as the news and documentary producer for Visnews, ZDF, BBC and Nippon TV. As the part of the BBC team that produced «Fighting the Peace» film, won annual British award for the best documentary.



on screenwriter:
Vanja Obad

Screenwriter Vanja Obad (Zagreb, 1981) holds M.A. in Dramaturgy from the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of
Zagreb. He worked as a screenwriter for various TV-series (most recently Nemoj nikome reci/Don’t tell to anyone).

on director:
Petar Orešković

Director and co-author Petar Orešković was born 1980. in Zagreb, Croatia. After finishing high-school and high-musical school he graduated film and tv-directing at Academy of dramatic Arts in Zagreb. He is an author of several short films, such as “Get a move on”, “Waste Youth”, “Birthday”, “The End of the Game” and of one feature film.



on producer:
Matija Drniković

Matija Drniković is a film producing student. He has produced several short films and worked in various production roles on the others. He was the participant of a few film workshops, such as Pack’n’Pitch Sarajevo Talents at Sarajevo Film Festival and MAIA – Creative aspects. Matija is the winner of two start-up competitions organized. He currently works at Nukleus film.