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Learn more about the Warsaw Kids Film Forum program and participation regulations.

WKFF will be a 3 day event that has been divided into 2 parts. The first day of the Forum, on the 27th of September 2017, will be called INSPIRATION DAY and will be comprised of: case studies, presenations and lectures about children’s cinema in Poland and Europe.  Topics will focus mostly on aspects of production, distribution and cross media opportunities in sales. Accompanying these events will be a section dedicated to producers, screenwriters and directors focusing on the creative aspects of film making for children.

The second part of the forum will be dedicated to PITCHING and will take place from the 28th – 29th of September 2017. Between 20 and 24 projects from Poland and Europe (including 8 projects taking part in Kids Film Pro) will be selected by the organizers. Observers with accreditation will be able to watch the pitches as well as apply to take part in One-To-One consultations as well as meetings at the Consultant Tables.


The Pitching will be divided into: projects in early development, and projects at an advanced stage of development with partial funding in place.


INSPIRATION DAY | 27th of September 2017

For all participants – Projects selected for the pitching session as well as accredited Observers.

Details of the program will be available soon.


PITCHING | 28th – 29th of September 2017

Presentation of the pitches and the opportunity to take part in One-To-One meetings for groups selected to pitch a project.

Accredited Observers can watch the pitches as well as take part in One-To-One consultations as well as meetings at the Consultant Tables.


Consultant Tables

Creators will have a chance to discuss their projects or even very early ideas with selected consultants: script consultants, distributors, sales agents, representatives from TV channels as well as producer’s consultants will be on hand. Consultations will take place in Polish and English and are open to all participants of the forum.

Prior registration will be required.


One-To-One Meetings.

One-To-One meetings with experts and decision makers from Poland and Europe will be an opportunity to discuss the details of your project.

Prior registration will be required.


Work in Progress

Selected projects from Poland, in advanced phases of production, will be screened. The presentations will be for: distributors, sales agents, and festival programmers.


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