Projects in Development

Projects in Development:

Babsy, animated feature film, Grupa Smacznego, Poland
Bella in the Belly, animated TV series, Animoon, Poland
Capitain Nova, live-action feature film, Keplerfilm, Netherlands
Christmas in the jungle, live-action feature film, Locomotive Productions, Latvia
The Cosmonaut, live-action feature film, Pistachio Pictures, UK
Detective Bruno, live-action feature film, Shipsboy, Poland
Fantasylum, animated feature film, Mizar Films,Poland
The Flying Bear – Return of the Guardian, animated feature film, Badi Badi, Poland
The Girl from the future vel. Ignatek, live-action feature film, Opus Film, Poland
The Girl, Who Rides Dragon, documentary film, Calafilm, Germany
The Little Odyssey, animated TV series, K-pictures, Czech Republic
Martin and the Forest Secret, live-action film, s.r.o., Czech Republic
Odo, animated TV series, Letko, Poland
The Raft, live-action film,Dori Media Paran, Israel
Ride to Freedom, documentary film, Hakafilms, Poland
The Ring of Life, live-action feature film, Pronto Film, Ukraine
Sparkle, live-action TV series, ANDERTHALB Medienproduktion, Germany
Through a Glass, Darkly, live-action feature film, Iron Films, Poland
Triple Trouble, live-action feature film, Koi Studio, Poland
Twisted Tales, animated TV series, Institute for Transmedia Design, Slovenia
Whizz Kids, animated TV series, Media Resources Management, Ukraine
Young Tesla and the Idea Poachers, live-action feature film, Nukleus film/ Jaako Dobra Produkcija, Croatia