Format: Live Action / Full-length
Genre: Coming of age / Musical
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Teenagers
Production Company: FABRYKA
Producer: Jarosław Szoda
Scriptwriter: Jarosław Szoda, Helena Szoda-Woźniak, Antoni Szoda
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Co-producer / Funding / Sales Agent / TV station

on producer and scriptwriter:
Jarosław Szoda

Jarosław Szoda is a producer with experience covering music videos, commercials, TV shows, large-scale open-air events and international film co-productions. He was the first Polish producer to participate in EAVE training, developing Miracle Seller, a feature co-production. The film was screened at many festivals and received Grand Prix at the international Bergamo Film Meeting.



on scriptwriter:
Helena Szoda-Woźniak

Helena Szoda-Woźniak is a graduate of the National Film and Television School (Beaconsfield, UK). She worked on several short and feature film projects, including Adaptation by Bartosz Kruchlik and Strange Heaven by Dariusz Gajewski and was script editor for the second season of PAKT (HBO Europe). Since August 2016 Helena is a script editor with Canal+ Poland.



on scriptwriter:
Antoni Szoda

Antoni Szoda is a co-author of the online part of the web-television talent show Debiuty. He also participated in Story structure workshops by Stephen Cleary and Development – what’s it about lecture as well as the Kids Film.Pro 2017 workshop edition. Antoni is responsible for the script component of the aLive project.