Format: Animation
Genre: Comedy / Family / Adventure
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Children 7-12 / Teenagers
Production Company: ORKA Sp z.o.o
Producer: Radosława Bardes
Writer: Bartek Kędzierski
Director: Bartek Kędzierski
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding / Co-producer / Sales Agent / TV station

on producer:
Radosława Bardes

Radosława Bardes is a producer/head of international co-productions and foreign content services at Studio Produkcyjne ORKA. Her recent credits include Miracle by Egle Vertelyte, Barracuda by Jason Courtlan & Julia Halperin, and Suleiman Mountain by Lisa Stishova. Right now she is working on Talking Tom series and What a country by Vinko Bresan.



on screenwriter and director:
Bartek Kędzierski

Bartek Kędzierski is a Polish screenwriter and director. His animated series Lordz of Flys was successful enough to enable the production of a feature version. Bartek has also created 1000 bad deeds, Parapet, and Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! animated series. His latest production, Woolen Cogwheels, is a traditional stop-motion animation