Format: Live Action / Documentary Film / Full-length
Genre: Family / Historical / Adventure
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Children 10-12 / Teenagers
Production Company: TELEMARK
Producer: Maciej Kubicki, Anna Kępińska
Scriptwriter: Piotr Stasik, Łukasz Czapski
Director: Piotr Stasik
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding / Co-producer / Distribution / Sales Agent / TV station

on producer:
Maciej Kubicki

Maciej Kubicki is a film producer with a story editor background. Graduate of the Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw and the Program for Creative Producers at the Wajda School, he works as a creative producer and a board member for Telemark, developing ideas for original innovative prime time TV shows, documentaries and feature forms.



on scriptwriter:
Piotr Stasik

Piotr Stasik is a scriptwriter/director, a sociologist and graduate of a documentary course at the Wajda School. Co-founder of the “ę” Association for Artistic Initiatives, an NGO supporting cultural undertakings in small towns. His films include A Diary of A Journey, The Last Day of Summer (both received multiple awards), and 21 x New York.