Format: Live Action / Full-length
Genre: Musical / Film Christmas / Comedy
Country of Production: Poland
Target Audience: Children 4-12, Teenagers
Production Company: Artcore
Producer: Artur Wyrzykowski
Scriptwriter: Emil Płoszajski, Artur Wyrzykowski
Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Co-producer

on producer:
Artur Wyrzykowski

Artur Wyrzykowski is a founder of ARTCORE, a Warsaw-based production, postproduction and animation studio. His educational history includes attempts at studying directing at the Warsaw Film School (quit after 2 years), production management at the Lodz Film School (quit after 1 year) and a completed scriptwriting program at the Lodz Film School.



on scriptwriter:
Emil Płoszajski

Emil Płoszajski is an author of A Piece of Gingerbread: Maurice and the Carolers, a musical premiered at the Toruń Musical Theatre in 2014. He is also the author and voice actor of several dozen radio plays for children, a cat person, an occasional cartoonist, a freelance copywriter, a loving husband, and a proud dad.