Script Consultants’ Tables

Meetings at the Consultants’ Tables with script consultant will be an opportunity for individual discussions about story ideas or scripts in early development with experienced industry representatives.

  • Projects at development or production stage
  • Full-length: live action, animation, documentary and television series for children
  • Open for: Observers, especially for: scriptwriters, directors and producer, who would like to consult their project.

The meetings will last up to 40 minutes and will require prior registration. Spaces are limited.

Required Materials

(Submissions must be in English.)

  • Treatment [5 pages]
  • Description of Visual Style [1 page max 1800 characters]
  • Description of film characters [1 page max. 1800 characters]

Our consultants:

  • Armin Prediger,
  • Signe Zeilich-Jensen
  • Alison Norrington

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Law Consultants’ Tables

Consultations relating to:

  • Investment matters
  • Production
  • Promotion
  • Distribution

Our consultant:

  • Olgierd Porębski

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